Looks like I've been discovered.

Dark Entity?

Now don't tell me you thought he was me?

Orakio. I'm so sorry.

It's ok Chrissy.

Spare me your sentimental stuff. I'm here to finish Control off once and for all.

Just try it.

You won't stand a chance.

Orakio, catch! *tosses a blade at Orakio*

*catches it* Thanks Starbird.

I forged that sword with Laconia. Now don't break it this time.

You think that Laconian Sword will stop me now?

*holds the sword* The sword won't... but I will.

*grins* You're too cocky for your own good Orakian.

It's not cockiness.

This is confidence. As in a confident I'll pound you to the ground type of confident.

Just try your best. Even now, you're not strong enough to take me on.

And what exactly do you mean by that?

Why don't you find out for yourself.

*charges at the Dark Entity*

*swats Orakio away with one arm*

*flies back and hits the wall* Ow.

Orakio! *runs to his side*

Face it. You have no chance. So say your goodbyes to your precious control. *charges up energy*


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(Lufia - Attacked by Monsters)