Finally. Control as we know it will be history! The rest of the world will soon be mine!

*just at that time, 3 giant blast of fire shoot at the Dark Entity*

What was that?

That would be us.

Your true nightmare.

The other Orakians.

*scoffs* Big deal.

*stands up* 4 Orakians against you. I don't think you stand a chance.

And don't forget the dragon.

Chrissy, stay out of this one.


Well, for starters you don't have your equipment.

... oops. Guess I forgot. *steps back*

You wanna give me a real challenge?

Orakians! *nods at the others*

Right! *flares up energy*

*flares up energy*

*shakes head* It will take a lot more than that.

Don't count your chickens.

Before they hatch.

Now we show you the true power...

Of the true Orakians!

Bring it on.

*charges at the Dark Entity at lighting fast speed*

*grabs Rulakir and judo flips him hard through a wall*

*charges up some magic*

*fires strong magic quickly at Orakia*

*is sent through a wall*

*charges at the Dark Entity*

*kicks Rulakia in the stomach, then slashes her with his sword*

*falls back*

Grrr... *grabs his sword and starts charging at the Dark Entity*

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(??? - Million Miles Away)