*stabs Orakio through the gut with his sword*

*stops suddenly, eyes wide open*


*slowly removes his sword* Looks like you Orakians are not so all high and mighty now are you?

*falls to the ground*

*gets up slowly* Brother?



Four Orakians... fight, fly and die, right before my very eye.

Only one is dead... uh oh...

That's right. *charges up his attack*

*slowly gets up* Who said I was dead?


*grabs onto the Dark Entity* Everybody, get out of here.

*stabs Orakio again* Won't you just stay down?


Gah... just go! Get help!

... *leaves with everybody else*

What exactly is that gonna do?

*grins, still holding the Dark Entity* Not much... but this might. *turns a blue-ish white*


Orakian Bomb!

*Orakio's body erupts, taking out the body of the Dark Entity as well*


What was that explosion?

... no. He didn't.


He used the... Orakian Bomb.

... no!

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