*later that day*

How... how could he?

So you two were really close?

Well... yeah. We were. But... I just got over the fact of him dying, then I see him again... and now he's dead again. I dunno how much longer I can take this.

Starbird. Where's your Time Machine when we need it?

It's gone. I've destroyed it.

You mean I'll never get to fight beside the great Orakian?

Sure you will. I'm right here.

... ok.

Do you think the Dark Entity is dead this time?

I doubt it. He may not inhabit the body anymore. This may be the chance we need.


Listen. If the Dark Entity's spirit may not located inside a body anymore, than that means he's vulnerable to the Laconian Sword.

Good. I think.

But. We have to go back to that volcano and retrieve the sword.


We'll do it.

But... the problem is. I made that blade so that it fit Orakio's style of fighting. I know you're his brother, but you both have very different fighting styles.

Hmmm. But who is gonna wield the blade?

I will.

You? But you're a girl.

*punches Rulakir in the gut* But I'm tough, and I'm a half dragon. Plus, I'm the only one who knows Orakio's style.

*clenches his gut* I get your point.

Are you sure you can do it?

I... don't know. I have no choice though. I'm going to avenge his death.

What do you think we're here to do?

Doesn't matter. Anyways, Starbird. You and Zak stay here. We're gonna look into the Air Castle. The Orakians, you guard Chris-chris and make sure she gets the blade. If you find the body of Orakio, bring it back here and we'll have Raja look at it.


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