Wait a second. Chrissy, do you have any battle gear?

Uh... I left it all in the volcano. ^_^;;

That's ok. I have something left over. It may not be too good to look at, but it's something.

Let's see it.

*hands Chris-chris some clothes and a sword* Now quickly go change... before Rulakir spots you.

What about me?


*goes to change*

So we're going back up there?

Looks it.

*comes back* How do I look?

Hmm. I may have a career in fashion ahead. But how did your hair get longer?

I had it tied up. I finally got a chance to let it down.

*wolf calls* Hubba hubba.

Stop it you.


When'd the vampire get here?

Rulakir, that's Chrissy.

It is?

Who else would it be?

Dracula's wife?

Quiet you. Anyways, who's going with me?

Don't think you're going without me.

Me too.

Make it double.

I'll go.

As will I.

Can I come too?

Uh... why?

Just because an old man wants one last adventure.

Fine. Be my guest, just don't expect us to protect you.

*looks at the volcano* Dark Entity, beware. We're coming.

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(Lufia 2 - Sealed Towers)