Wretched Orakian! My plan was perfect. I should have destroyed you when I had the chance.

*a voice is heard from a distance*

I'd better make haste and take this blade with me. *reaches for the Laconian blade, only to be burnt by it* Ow! Dammit. Why can't I touch this stuff? Fine then, I'll just leave and ambush them when they least expect it. *disappear*

Just a bit further, I can almost sense him.

When we find him, I get first crack at him.

Confident little girl. I like it.

Aren't we near where Orakio was when he used the Orakian Bomb?

Somewhere, why?

Because *looks down* Isn't that his body?

Wise observation sister.

Good. I guess my plan worked.


Listen, I need someone to help take the body back outside with me. Who will do it?

I'll do it.

I might as well go too. If the Dark Entity is around... I don't want to see it.

Whips. Halflings.

Quiet Rulakir.

*lifts on Orakio's body and leaves*

Can't believe it's still in one piece. *picks up the sword* You might need this. *hands Chrissy the Laconian Sword* Have fun. *leaves as well*

*grabs the Laconian Sword* Thanks.

*appears behind Chrissy* Well look what the dragon has brought in today.

*turns around* You! Give me back my Orakio!

Foolish girl.

*takes a slash at the Dark Entity*

*gets hit* Gah! Stupid Dragon! *shoots dark magic at Chrissy*

*is hit, but stands still*

How did you resist that?

Blood of the Dark Dragon.

Dark Dragon? Hmm.

You ready to die now or what?

Not just yet. I have a little guest for you all.

*a howling is heard from a distance*

Bye! *disappears*

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(Golden Axe - Death Adder's Castle)