What was that?

I don't know.

Sounded like a wolf.

*the volcano starts to shake*

A giant wolf at that.

*emerges from the volcano's pit*

Oh no.




God-Beast of Moon. Very powerful.

I'm sure we can handle it.

Don't count on that missy.


Yeah, who do we look like, Orakio?

What are you saying?

Yeah, what are you saying?

*laughs* You think I'm gonna waste my time with this when the real evil is out there probably getting stronger?

*grabs Rulakir by the hair* You are NOT going to leave us now!

*pushes Chrissy aside* Wanna bet? *flies out of the Volcano*


Please don't tell me you're going too.


Sorry. I can't leave my sister here to fight this beast.

I guess the ties of twins go deeper than anything.

But Rulakir has no twin anymore to tie to. He wants the Dark Entity, and he wants him now.

*howls loudly before grabbing Orakia*

Speaking of wanting something right now.

Damn Rulakir. *slashes at the hand of Dolan that has Orakia*

*roars in pain and drops Orakia*

Any ideas on how to defeat him?

Not a one.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Black Soup)