*roars and smacks Chrissy with his giant paw*

*flies backwards* Well... I hope we think of something soon.


You have an idea?

Not really. Why did Rulakir have to leave? He seems to know about Dolan.

I have no idea who this beast is.

Wait a second. What element are Moon monsters weak to?

Uh... sun?

No. Wood. Forest.

What are you saying?

I say find a stick and beat the hell out of him.

A stick? *thud*

You have any better ideas?

... Not really.

Well... where can we find a stick?

Look here. Someone mysteriously and randomly left a big stick here once before.

What a coincidence.

*rolls eyes* Things can't get much stupider than this.

Is that even a word?

Doesn't matter at the moment.

Bah, whatever. *picks up the stick and waves it at Dolan*

What the hell are you doing?

Watch and learn, dragon. Here Dolan! *throws the stick into the lava pit* fetch!

*follows the stick and then jumps after it, falling into the lava pit as well*

I thought you said beat him with it.

C'mon sis. You know how unpredictable I am.

Whatever. Let's just get out of here.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - The Secret of Mana)