*somewhere on Dragon Heights*

This place is fantastic. I never knew something so beautiful exsisted on this earth.

Yeah. The Dragons have taken good care of it.

What exactly does this Sol Herb look like anyway?

*chuckles* I wish I knew.

Aren't you from here?

No. My ancestors are, but not me. Though it does say that every dragon will come to Dragon Heights in their lifetime before they die.

Before they die?

Before they die? *stops for a second* Wait. That doesn't mean I'm gonna die soon, is it?

Don't worry, I doubt highly you're gonna die... at least not until we finish off the Dark Entity.

*smiles* I'm gonna get him for killing my Orakio.

Your Orakio?

... *blushes* Did I just say that?


... *blushes some more* Ok... ^_^

So you do have feelings for him.


Don't act so tough. You can't hide it.

*points* Look! The Sol Herb! *runs towards it*

What a way to change the subject.

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(Lufia 2 - Mountain)