Do you... sense something?

Hmmm... you sense it too, eh?

Sense what?

*appears* ...

What is that?

*stands there*

Who is that?


Just bring it, shadow boy!

... Tandle! *raises hand up to the sky, which then shoots large lightning bolts at Mispolm*

*is hit by the lightning* Ow! Why you little!

... Heaven's Light! *points hand to Mispolm, shooting a huge beam of light from it*

*gets hit by the light and starts to incinerate* Nooooooooooooooo! Curse you! *continues to burn* You'll never see the Sol Herb again! *sends a beam of fire at the last Sol herb, destroying it before being destroyed*

... who... what?


I guess it wasn't any surprise to you, sister.


In the flesh.

Orakio! *runs to hug him*

*hugs Chrissy* Hey there.

Orakio, what has happened to you?

Unfinished business. Heaven granted me leave to finish off the Dark Entity.

Does that mean you're back for good?

Well... no. You see, in this form, I can only last an hour in this land.

... oh *hangs head sadly*

Then how will you find time to defeat the Dark Entity?

Yeah, Mispolm destroyed the Sol Herb.

Orakia. Did dad ever tell you about Fusion?

Fusion? No, why?

Well, I talked to him up in Heaven. He told me of something known as Fusion, where each of the Orakians merge into one body.

You mean what you and Rulakir did?


But what will fusion do?

Well in order to fuse, you need a body shell, and people of the same blood to fuse.

But how will that revive you?

Well, after 24 hours, I can take another hour trip here. If my spirit enters the body with the others, I will be revived. You will probably be using my body if you found it.

But wouldn't that be dangerous?

I'd pretty much mean that the four of us would be living in the same shell. Our powers will have merged together to form the Ultimate Orakian.

... I guess right now we have no choice.

Well, let's get Rulakir and Rulakia here and get this going!

I'm afraid it's not that simple.


*starts to float away to heaven* Because the Dark Entity has them! *disappears*

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(Phantasy Star II - Exclaim)