*back at control... wherever that is*

Chrissy? Orakia? Did you manage to get the herb?

Hmmm... what seems to be the trouble girls?


You both look as though you've seen a ghost.


It sure doesn't look like you've seen the Sol Herb though.

Well we did...

But Mispolm destroyed it.

What?!!! Two you two realize what danger we're in now?

Great... the world is gonna come to an end.

No it's not. Not if we can get Rulakir and Rulakia back from the Dark Entity.

What? The Dark Entity has them? That's it. I'm heading back to Dezoris. Call me when you're dead.

Raja. Don't go. We need your help.


Orakio is still around.


He's an angel now... (like he always was)

Ah yes yes. How could I forget such a thing. I am a priest you know. So Orakio's spirit gained access from Heaven?

How did you know that?

Well, let's just say it happens. *pauses* But how are we going to get Orakio back? The Sol Herb was the only way.

By an ancient Orakian technique known as Fusion.

Fusion? I've heard of that once... but it's very complicated, and the rate of success is very low.


Still... we have to try this. Else we'll have no hope for tomorrow.

Hmmmm. Well, get Rulakir and Rulakia here and we'll get things started.

How do you plan on that though? The Dark Entity has them.

We're gonna have to go. If the Dark Entity has them, we'll have to fight him.

He's in a weakened state right now. This is our chance.

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(Rudora no Hihou - Crime of Heart)