*somewhere in the world*

Hahahahahaha. So, the Orakian and the Dragon plan on coming here and fighting me? Let them come.

*thunder in the background*

Those weaklings couldn't even defeat Mispolm. They won't even have a chance against me. But why have them fight me? I have a little gift they might like... Servants! Forward!

*enters* ...

*enters* ...

My my. What a little brainwashing does to some people.

What is your wish, master?

When your sister and your brother's girl get here... kill them. Not so much the dragon, but kill your sister.

As you wish.

Also, remember to use the little technique I taught you two if you run into trouble.

Yes your darkness.

Good. Everything is going to plan. It won't be long before I can destroy this world.

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(Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Agahnim's Theme)