*our heroines arive*

How did we manage to find this place?

I can sense my sister a mile away... so to speak.

Hmmm... the Orakian Connection? ^_^

Yeah. I guess you could call it that.

What is this place? It's just one hollow cave by the looks.

You answered your own question.


*a voice booms through the area*

Voice: Fools!

What was that?

The Dark Entity.

Dark Entity: You've come for your precious Oarkians... but little do you realize that I have control of them now.


Dark Entity: *laughs* See for yourself.

This can't be good.

Definately not.


Rulakir! Rulakia!


... Kill sister.


This can't be good.

Can't you say anything different?

This can't be good.

Guess not.

*flares up energy*

Well... I can't do that.

I can... but it will do little good. *flares energy*



This can't be good.

If you think you stand a chance now...

Wait until you see us together.


This can't be good.

Hey... that's my line!



Not good.

*glows a bright white and merge with each other*

Looks like they know.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Three of Darkside)