*enters* Get them now! Fight!


Rulakir! Stop this!

It's no use. He's not gonna resist the urge to attack.

*begins his attack on Orakia*

Orakia! Look out!


*punches Orakia in the face, followed by a kick to the gut*

*falls to the ground* Ugh... Rulakir... stop...

*runs up to slash Rulakir*

*grabs the sword* Runt! *tosses Chrissy aside*

... Jerk! *attacks again*

*punches Chrissy in the gut*

*falls to the ground* Gah....

*gets up* Rulakir! *knees Rulakir in the gut and kicks him in the face* Enough!

... *grabs Orakia and throws her*

*flies and crashes through the wall*

*looks over Orakia, charging a spell in his hand* Now... the race will finally come to an end... and darkness will rule over all...

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Rolling Cradle)