Noooooooooooooo!!! *flies up to Rulakir and slashes him across the back*

*stops the charge* What the? *turns around* You again?

You're not going to kill her!

What makes you so sure, Dragon?

*grabs the Laconian Sword* Because... *flies up to the watching Dark Entity*


*slashes the Dark Entity with the Laconian Sword*

Ahhhhhh!!! It burns! It burns!!!

*holds sword* It's gonna burn even more when I'm finished with you.

*comes up and grabs Chrissy from behind*

Let go of me, you fool!

Defiant Dragon. Kill her now!

As you wish... *starts to choke Chrissy*

*struggles to breathe*

*gets up* Chrissy!

... hel....p....

Megid!!! *fires a huge blast of fire at Rulakir*

*gets hit in the back and lets go of Chrissy* You again?

*falls down, catching her breath*

Well, as much as I'd like to stay, I believe this is too dangerous for now. Rulakir, finish them off. Ciao! *disappears*

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(Sparkster (SNES) - The Missile Core)