Now what's gonna save you, little girl?

Just myself...

Chrissy! *points hand to Chrissy* Medice! *a white mist shoots out and lands on Chrissy*

Wow. Thank you. I feel much better.

Will do you little good. I'm not playing around any more.

Good... neither am I.

Prepare to fry, Dragon! *aims arms at Chrissy* Black Fusion Megido! *an eruption of huge, HUGE dark flames pour out of his hands and aims at Chrissy*

Uh oh.... *wraps her wings around her, shielding her from the flames* Talk about things heating up.

*stops the attack* Nothing I like more than roasted dragon.

Not likely. *uncovers from under the wings* Don't you know that Dragons are immune to fire... and Dark Dragons are immune to darkness.


Give it up Rulakir. You cannot defeat me.

*grins* Oh no? *flies off the ground* I've had just about enough of you. *charges up an attack in his hands*

What's he doing?

Uh oh.


Shield your eyes, quick!

*uses her wings to cover he eyes* Ok. Now what?

Just stay there.

We end this now!!!

*aims arm at Rulakir and covers her eyes with the other arm* White Light!!! *an extremely bright light shoots out of her hands, which spread out into the surroundings, giving off a blinding light*

Ow! My eyes! *falls to the ground*

*the light stops*

Is it safe yet?

Yeah, it's safe. *walks over to Rulakir*

Damn you sister! Why'd you have to go and blind me? Don't I mean anything to you?


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(Phantasy Star IV - Laughter)