*a rainy day at... well, where Control is... still outside*

What a perfect time for it to rain.

*covering herself with her cape from the rain* Of all times God decides to give us a little rain*

Man... I hate rain!

Man... you're telling me I have to fuse with her?

Think of how I've felt all those years with her.

What are you trying to say?

You're like Orakio... annoying.

My Orakio isn't annoying!

Your Orakio?

... *blushes* Shut up!

Speaking of Orakio, where is he? He should have been here by now.

He should be around any moment now.

Well, we can't very well start the Fusion without him now can we?

*looks over at the table, where Orakio's body lay* No, I guess we can't.

I've seen him like this too many times. It hurts each time I see him like this.

Think of how I feel. I can't do a damned thing right now.

Just keep faith in your heart Chris-chris. It is all you can do.

*sigh* I know.

What is keeping him anyway? It's not like him to show up late to his own revival.

Testify, brother Rulakir!

Shut up, you old fart!

I wish that was the first time I've been called that... today. Hahahahaha

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(Final Fantasy VII - Holding My Thoughts In My Heart)