*about 5 minutes after the Air Castle is in the air*

Looks like smooth sailing from here!

*the Air Castle is then jolted by a tremendous force*

The hell? Sparkster, go see what it is.

Right! *flies off*

We might need fighters. Who wants to fight?

*everyone flees, except for Chrissy, Crys, Crystal, Rulakir, Rulakia, Zak, and Starbird*


*comes back* Flying monster at 6 o'clock! Two heads.


How do you know this stuff?

Played enough games in my life.

The God-Beast of Wind. Gonna have a hard time killing this one. *grabs his sword*

Rulakir, Rulakia, Orakia... I forbid you to fight in this fight.


Because if one of you should die, it will be all over for us.

I'll fight it. *flies off*

So will I. *runs off*

Ditto. *runs off*

Count me in.

Chrissy, I don't want you to fight this one either.

Huh? Why?

Because... well, I'll explain later. Just trust me when I tell you not to fight this one.

*looks at the chief* Alright... but if any of them die, I'm blaming you.

*a loud bird yell is heard close by*

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(Final Fantasy VII - Weapon Attacks?)