*flies around, lets out a loud cry*

Any ideas?

Not a one. I can't fly... and my sword can't reach that far.

Well, we have to think of something. Why can't any of us use Earth Magic?

Earth Magic? That's what it takes?

Yeah. Do you know some?

No... but Jessica does.

Well go get her!

What about this thing?

We've got it. Just get her fast, else the Air Castle is gonna go down!

Roger! *runs off*

*cries again, shooting a blast of lightning at Starbird*

*takes the shot in the chest* argh! *falls to the floor*

*looks at Starbird* Stay still. *flies off and heads towards Dangaard*

*down* Like I'm going anywheres anyway.

*flies, shooting a blast of wind at Sparkster*

*flies right through the wind* Take's more than that to stop me. *grabs ahold of Daangard*

*cries, starts to shake Sparkster off*

*desperately hangs on* Staaaarbiiiiiiird!! Get Zaaaaaaaak's girl ooooooooooooveeeeer heeeeeeeeeeeere!

*still down* Yeah right. You want me to stand on my head?

*hangs on still* Daaaaaaaaamn yooooooou Staaaaaaaaaaaaarbuuuuuuuuuuuurst!!!

*slowly gets up* Don't call me Starburst!!! I hate it when people call me that!

*runs in with Jessica* Hope I'm not too late.

*looks down* Zakky! That's a long ways down.

Jessy, just aim for that beast over there. *points* Fire some of your earth magic at it.

Earth magic? I haven't used any in so long. I don't even know if I'll use the right one.

Just try. Please.

Fine. *aims hands at Daangard, fires a small shot of earth* Did it work?

Uh... did that just hit Sparkster?

*still hanging on* What was thaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Ooops... Earth Saber... hehehehe.

Earth Saber? Hmmm. Sparkster! Stab it with your sword!

*hangs on, grabbing sword* Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! *stabs the sword into the neck of Daangard, then flies away*

*lets out one last cry, then starts to plummet towards the ground*

Yay! I did it!

Uh. Yeah, you did it! ^_^;;

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(Seiken Densetsu III - High Tension Wire)