I feel it. My final form is almost complete. Soon, the world will be mine. Not even the Orakians can stop me.

*warps in* Not if I have anything to say about it.

What? Who goes there? Orakian?

Who else you dark bag of scum? Did you expect someone else?

No. You'll do just fine.

Good. As you know, your end is near. I hope you have made out your last will and testiment. Because it's over for you.

Cocky Orakian. You really think you can defeat this?

Not alone... but who said I was alone?

*grins, holding a glass jar behind his back* I did. *throws the glass jar at Orakio*

*is hit by the glass jar* What the??? *shrinks and is sucked into the glass jar*

*picks up the glass jar and seals the lid on it* Now you think the Kamikaze Kannon Khickens were the ONLY things I got from Toejam & Earl?

*bangs on the glass* Let me out!

Hahahahaha! Just try to get out.

*fires a bolt of lightning at the glass, but it just bounces back and forth between the glass* What is this metal?

Well, obviously it's not laconia. Though it looks like glass, it is really diamond. Only the now 2nd strongest element in the world.


Playtime is over. Now, let your puny friends come. I'm ready to reveal my final form.


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(Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Intro)