*back at the Air Castle*

That was too close...

I'll say. Did you see that monster?

It was kinda hard not to. He must have been 100 feet tall.

He's gonna be some hard to kill.

Well, hopefully the fusion will give us enough power.

Speaking of which, where is Orakio and Chrissy?


Orakio... I thought we had lost you for sure.

Come now Chrissy. You know it takes more than that to defeat me.

I know... but...

It's ok Chrissy. It's almost over.

I know...

Let's go meet up with the rest. I only have a few minutes left.

... ok.


There you are. Where have you been?

Nowhere. Just here.

It's good to have you back Orakio.

Let's do this.

So I take it you guys are ready?



Chrissy, what's wrong? Don't you want me alive again?

Yes... but...

You're gonna miss the rest of us?

For this short time, I've felt like you were all my family. Something I've never experienced a whole lot of.

*smiles, hugs Chrissy* It's ok Chrissy.

*hugs Chrissy as well* It's not like we're dying. We'll still be alive.

... *pats Chrissy on the head* You've been real good kid.

*hugs Chrissy* Rulakir, give this girl a hug.

... It's hard for me to express emotions. Maybe someday I'll overcome it, but not today.

It's ok Rulakir. I know.

Time is running out. We have to fuse now!

Right. Raja, whenever you're ready.

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(Final Fantasy V - Lenna's Theme)