... Starbird... *kneels* Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

... a sacrifice?

We're free now... but at what cost?

Foolish move... why?

You wanna know why?


He sacrificed himself to save us. If he hadn't of done that, we would have all died.

But... there had to be another...

As far as I know, there was no other way. He sacrificed himself so that the world would have a chance to see tomorrow.


Exactly though, what would you have done Zak?

... I probably would have sacrificed myself.

You see why Starbird did it though?

... why?

You have a girlfriend, you have a future. What exactly did he have?

... Jessica? Is that why he sacrificed himself? Because of me and Jessica?

That is why he stopped you from doing it.

... I'm sorry.

We need all the help we can get in this final battle. Will you help us?

... Yes... for the memory of my dear friend.

As much as I like hearin this, Orakio, we have to fuse NOW!

Right... Be right back, Zak.

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(Final Fantasy VI - World of Balance Remix)