You guys take forever. We're running out of time.

Ok. Where is the body?

You mean you don't know where you placed it?

Oh, there it is. Hahahaha.

Ah, so that is what I look like. I really am one sexy beast.

Dude. You can just look at me and tell what you look like.

... right.

I'm set when you are.




... even as an angel you are still dumb.

Rulakir, do I have to hurt you again? Leave my Orakio alone!

I will for now, but I can still torment him from within. Hahahaha.

*starts praying, then casts a spell over the body* Ok. Time to fuse.

... goodbye everybody.

*smiles* We don't say goodbye. *fuses with the body*

*smiles* This is only the beginning. *fuses with the body*

*grins* I'll be back. *fuses with the body*

*smiles at Chrissy* If you need me, wait a few minutes and I'll be right there. ^_~ *fuses with the body*

*smiles* So the final battle is almost here. Wake up Orakio.

*moves hand, and opens eyes*

C'mon Orakio. You're almost there.

*yells loudly, starts to shake violently*

Orakio? ORAKIO!?!?!

*unintentionally flares up energy, sending off a bright white light*

*shields her eyes and steps back* Oh no...

*once the light passes and the energy flaring is gone*


*steps out of the light* Whoa... that was something else.

Orakio!!! *runs and hugs him*

*hugs Chrissy* Hey there...

Holy cow. Orakio... what has happened? This armor? This cape? You wanna talk about clashing colors.

Well... it's very hard to explain.

And what happened to your brown hair? It's... purple?

So are my school colors. You gonna think any less of me for that?

No no no...

Good... we're in an agreement.

*smiles* Welcome back, Orakio.

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(Final Fantasy V - Dragon Spreads Its Wings Remix)