None the less, you still look a little weird there Orakio.

Hey. I can't help what I look like. I know I'm ugly.

No... not that! I mean all the purple.

Well, we could always ask the Chief for some paint.

No... it's fine. You just look... broader in that armor.

Shoulder pads... I feel like superman playing for the Cowboys.

*hugs unexpectedly*

*hugs* What is this for?

I missed you so much Orakio.

Why did you miss me?

I don't know. I guess I've never felt this close to anybody before.

Well, when you're hugging somebody, you're close to them. You can't fit a piece of paper in between the two people.

That's not what I meant Orakio.

*smiles, hugs Chrissy* I know what you meant Chrissy. All the training I've been doing with you, we've grown close together.

*hugs still* Yes... but I shouldn't be all emotional. Now is not the time for me to be soft.

Chrissy. Emotions are what give people their strength. Why do you think those who fight for the light are always victorious? Because they have the hope and love of all the people they are protecting. If you love something, you're gonna fight for it, and you're gonna release strengths and powers that you never knew you had.

... I will?

Trust me on that one. When somebody you love dearly gets hurt, you're love and your hatred combined are gonna create a surprime force, capable of destruction.

How do you know this?

I'm an Orakian. I'm living proof.

*smiles, hugs Orakio again* Thank you Orakio.

*hugs Chrissy* Just remember these words Chrissy. They will save you someday.

*smiles* I will.

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(Final Fantasy V - Sadness)