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*Midnight, Chris-chris' room*

*sitting at a desk, writing in a small diary* The planning for the final battle seems to be going nowhere. Chief Tim and Chef Al are arguing over whether to kill him with a V8 powered bomb, or a Bundy powered shoe bomb. Orakio, ever since the Fusion, has been kinda quiet. Been locking himself in his room a lot. Crys and Crystal are even arguing about the battle. Then... there's me. You'd think that with Orakio back, I'd have something to fight for. But...

*a knock on the door*

*shuts the diary* Who's there?

*voice* It's me, Orakio.

Orakio? *gets up and opens the door*

*enters* Hello Chrissy.

What can I do for you?

I guess I wanted to talk to you.

About what, Orakio?

Well, tensions have been a little high around Control lately.

You're telling me. Why is that? Why can't we all just agree on a plan?

I dunno.

I mean, we finally fight that thing tomorrow, right?

Providing it doesn't destroy the world in that time, yes.

Then... why?

Everybody is arguing over what will be the best plan, with the lowest cost to both us and the world.

Lowest cost?

In terms of lives.

What are the plans so far?

Well. Chief Tim has a V8 powered Hydrogen Bomb. Chef Al has a Bundy powered Shoe Bomb. Zak and Sparkster both invented a cannon that shoots Laconian Beams from the Air Castle. As for me...


Well... both of the Bombs will kill anything within a 1000 mile radius, and the Laconian Beam is VERY inaccurate, and is capable of destroying even this air castle in one shot.

Man.... but what's your plan?

I say the 6 of us attack the Dark Entity head on.

Are you nuts? How are we even gonna weaken that thing?

The Dark Entity's final form... it's all strength, but it is VERY slow.

But it is also very tall.

I noticed that.

So how do we attack it?


*over the intercom* Would Orakio and Chris-chris please report to the Engine Room. Orakio and Chris-chris to the Engine Room.

Looks like we're needed.

Yeah. Let's go.

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(Golden Sun - Sol Sanctum)