*inside the Engine Room*

We're here.

What's the scoop?

Well, as you know, the final battle is upon us. And we're trying to figure out a final plan.

Which I think the V8 H-Bomb is the best idea.

The Bundy Shoe Bomb is the best!



Would you two be quiet?

Yeah. We all know that the Laconian Beam is the best attack.

You guys are morons. Your cannon won't even hit the Dark Entity at point blank range.

Well what do you recommend?

Yeah Crys, what do you recommend?

I don't know. I'm not an inventor.

Then why don't you shut up and let the pros handle this?

Make me, you overgrown possum!

*draws sword* You'd better watch it, Orakian!

*draws daggers* Hey, watch what you say there, mutant!

That's it, prepare to defend yourself!



*thud* Here we go again.


*stops and shuts up*

... don't make me mad. Just stay shut. Orakio is leading this charge, so you WILL follow his orders.

... uh... yeah.

Orakio, you have the floor now.

Ok... well, as you all know, you all have great ideas... except for the Chief, the Chef, and the two engineers.


All of those attack methods are extremely dangerous, not only to the world, but also to us.

What do you recommend then?

Well, since obviously there isn't enough time to get the Laconian Beam's calculations ready by tomorrow, I suggest we attack this beast head on.

Head on?!

Are you nuts?

Or Kamikaze?

I don't see what the big deal is.

You think we are strong enough to face that monster without some sort of weapon?

Crys, this monster is very slow. As long as you don't get hit, you should be just fine.

... This is nuts. You must be thinking like Rulakir right now. Because only he would do something so... destructive.

... you insulting my brother? I don't need to take that. *turns back and walks away*

Hey! Where do you think you're going?

Orakio has a point... if you use those weapons in order to save the world, you won't have a world left to save. *walks away behind Orakio*

... he may be right. We may have no other choice.

But... damn man. You seen that thing?

I'm afraid I have.

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(Golden Sun 2 - Dehkan Plateau)