*just then, an alarm goes off*

What is that?

Since when has there been an alarm installed.

Oh yeah... I forgot to mention that. That is my World Crisis Monitor Alarm.

What does it mean?

Probably means that there is a Crisis in the world... *pauses* Zak, turn on the monitor!

*turns on the nearby monitor in the engine room* Here you go.

***Through the monitor***

*stomps on a few houses* Hahahahaha! Nothing will stop me!


The Dark Entity!

He's destroying a village.

Get Orakio back here.

*enters again* No need, I heard the alarm.

*enters* What is going on?

*points to the monitor* Look!

***Through the monitor***

*chops a house down the middle with axe* Filthy pesants... Bow before me that I might give you all a quick execution.


That's it, we strike now!

You guys aren't prepared.

If we don't attack now, the world will see it's end soon.

Well... I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

... alright.

... man... why now?

Let's rock...

... and roll!

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(Castlevania 3 - Overture)