*at the smashed village*

Ah... a village away keeps the light away.

*arrives* Hold it right there!

Dragongirl has arrived, eh?

*arrives* So have we.

Big deal. *readies axe* You want this quick, or slow?

*flies in* How about slow? We want to have a little fun first.

Orakian... how did you manage?

*grabs sword* That's for you to find out.

*grabs sword* Everybody, ready!

*readies sword* Ready!

*plants feet in a fighting stance* Set!

*grabs sword* I'm set!

*grabs daggers* Ready!!!

Just bring it on, pesants! *readys axe*

*leaps into the air, sword behind him*

*smacks Sparkster away with brute force*

*is hit across the face and lands on the ground with a sickening thud* Ugh... *collapses*

See how you handle this! Ready?


Twin attack!

*throws daggers with lightning speed at the Dark Entity*

*jumps high above the Dark Entity, holding a white glowing sword behind him, comes down across the chest with a mighty slash*

*brings axe down to block the daggers, but is slashed by the sword* Stupid Orakians!

What are you gonna do about it?

This! *kicks Crys with great force into Crystal*

*bump into each other and fall down, unconscious*

Damn... he's still too strong.

Give it up now, Orakians... you don't stand a chance.

Any plans, Orakio?

... *grabs sword*

The Orakian wishes to fight? *laughs* Try me.

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(Golden Sun 2 - Doom Dragon)