*holds sword behind him* Megido Blade!! *sword glows bright red*

Fool... you think a little fire is gonna stop me?

*runs up to the Dark Entity, jumping into the air with the sword in both hands, then while coming down, slashes the Dark Entity across the chest, causing a massive explosion*

Is that the best you've got? You didn't even scar me up.

.... damn.

*holds the Laconian Blade* You monster!

Chrissy... Zak, Sparkster... grab Crys and Crystal and... retreat!

... damn... *picks up Crys and flies off*

He's too strong... *picks up Crystal* It's too late. *runs off towards the air castle*

Orakio, I can't leave you.

*steps away from the Dark Entity* You're not. *grabs Chrissy's arm*

Hahahahaha! The Orakian is running now?

Why are we running?

... I need to regroup.

What the hell are you talking about Orak?

We have to find his weakness... and we're losing fighters very fast.

Hmmmm... why now?

*starts to fly off, holding onto Chrissy's arm* Don't ask, just go!

Hahahahaha... you'll be back. I know you will!

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(Mega Man X - Sigma Battle 2)