*back at the air castle*

What are you guys doing back here? Is the Dark Entity defeated?

*puts Crystal down* Sadly no.

*puts Crys down* Get Raja in here.

I'm already in here you overgrown rat.

Where is Orak and Chrissy?

They were right behind us.

*arrives* We still are.

*arrives with Orakio* Man... that thing is massive.

You guys ok?

Seems the twins got a bit beat up. I'll get Zelda to help me. *walks away*

We're fine. But...

But what?

The Dark Entity...

I released a massive sword attack on that thing, and it didn't even phase it. That kind of attack has the power of a full charged Orakian Bomb.

... and what happened?

Nothing happened... not even a scratch. That kind of power felled Tsarkon for crying out loud.

Then why are you back here?

He said we had to regroup.

I have to find it's weakness. The Laconian Blade won't even damage it.

What about the Laconian Beam?

I dunno. It's still too risky.


Orakio.... you're not seriously thinking of using it, are you?

Sparkster, how does the Beam work? What powers it?

Well, we had some left over laconian ore... but the real power comes from an underground spring we found in Dragon Heights.

Underground spring?

Yeah, why do you ask?

Well... *pauses*

What is it Chrissy.

When a dragon dies, they return to Dragon Heights. Their bodies decompose into pure energy and fall inside the ground, making the underground spring.

What are you saying?

The Laconian Beam is powered by Dragon energy.

Wait a second. Aren't you a dragon?

Half dragon. But, I can turn into a full dragon if need be.

Hmmm... perhaps we could use that power.

... *hangs head*


I... can't...

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(Mega Man X - Ending)