Chrissy? What's wrong?

I just can't...

Chrissy... the entire fate of the world may depend on this.

Chrissy... you must.

... no. *runs off crying*

What's wrong with her?

Man... this world is doomed now. *walks off*

If the Orakian can't even damage the Dark Entity, what is our hope?

We've got to go back. There must be another way.

Orakio... what is the point of going back? We can't even damage it.


*closes eyes, waves hand in front of him*

What are you doing?

*grabs golden Orakian Blade, eyes still shut*

Man... the more I see an Orakian, the more weird it gets.

*the blade starts to turn a bright white, pulsating with light*

What the...???

*opens eyes* This may be our only chance.

What is it?

A spell. Light Blade.

How is that gonna work?

Well... the Dark Entity is pure evil, pure darkness. So... maybe some light will stop him.

*sigh* Well, let's hope so.

Else... I'm out of ideas.

Well... should we still go?

Yeah... it will be harder for him to take on 3 of us.

What about Chrissy?

... We're gonna have to fight without her.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Innocent Water)