*back outside*

Ah... *stomps on some houses* Nothing like destroying the world. Brings back memories.

*arrives* Not this time, Dark Entity!

Gee whiz.... I thought I got rid of you.

*flies in with Zak* Not yet you haven't. *draws sword*

*arrives with Sparkster* Just try us this time. *gets out sword*

*grins* I'm not gonna play around anymore.

*bows head, closing eyes* Good.

Ready Zak?


I'm glad to see you're both ready for death.

*grabs sword* Light Blade! *waves hand. A light shoots out, sprinking over the swords of Zak, Sparkster, and Orakio, causing them all to pulsate with light*

Now... we fight.

You stand no chance now, Dark Entity!

*psst* At least we hope.

*brings back giant axe* Sure...

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(Secret of Mana - Meridian Dance)