It all started during my training... before Orakio's birthday... before the Dark Entity possessed him.


Orakio, you ready to train me some more?

*smiles* You're learning so much there Chris-chris.

I know, but I want to learn more. I want to be a great fighter... just like you.

You really look up to me, don't you?

*smiles, blushing*

It's ok Chrissy... I know how you feel. I feel the same way.

You do?


*is silent for a moment* Why don't we start the training today?

Well, before we go, I want to give you this. *takes out a necklace and gives it to Chrissy*

Orakio? *takes the necklace* It's beautiful. A yellow stone the shape of a heart.

It's a rare stone known as the Fireheart stone. Physically it is a very weak metal, but it is very beautiful. Legend says that the color reflects the mood of the wearer.

*smiles, watches as the stone turns blue* What does this color mean?

Happiness... and... *under breath* love.

Love? *blushes* This thing is wrong. *puts on the necklace* But thank you anyways, Orakio.

No problem, Chrissy. I figured you trained so hard, you deserved it.

Orakio, can I ask you something?

Sure thing... what is it?

Well... *smiles* do you know how to dance?

Well... I know how to slow dance, but that's about it.

Will you teach me someday?

... Sure. I'd be happy to.

*back in reality*

So that is how you got it.

Yeah. Orakio means so much to me.

Then why aren't you out there helping him?

... I don't know why. I guess, I'm afraid.

What do you have to be afraid about? He could die out there... all alone. But if you're with him... he might survive.


Or you'll both be killed, but at least he won't die alone.

Oh gee, thanks a lot.

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(Secret of Mana - I Won't Forget)