No... this can't be! *releases hand, dropping Orakio*

*lands with a sickening thud* Ooooooooooooh....

*the light around Chrissy starts to fade*

*emerges* ...

*slowly gets up* Chrissy?

*grins* Welcome... Death Dragon!

*grins* I'm not a Death Dragon... I'm the Fireheart Dragon!

Fireheart? Then the stone... the necklace.

*stares down the Dark Entity*

No... it can't be.

Now Chrissy!!!

Fireheart Beam!!! *opens mouth, which emites a huge blue and white beam, shooting with great speed at the Dark Entity*

*the beam collides with him, causing a massive explosion* Noooooooooooooo! *falls with a thud, shaking the ground again* The... dragon...

*holds sword in front of him* Ghost Blade!!! *disappears*

??? Where did he... *before he can finish the sentance, he is slashed numberous times with extreme force all over the body, dropping his axe* go to?

*reappears in the same spot*

It's... too late... Orakian. *gets up, grabbing axe* You cannot... defeat... ME!!!!!!

*looks at Orakio* Now?

*looks at Chrissy* Now! *sword starts to glow a bright red*

Dragon Buster!!! *opens mouth, shooting a beam of pure energy at the Dark Entity*

Megido Blade!!! *runs up to the Dark Entity and leaps with his sword behind him*

*the Dragon Buster hits Orakio's sword, which absorbs the power*

*as he comes down, slashes the Dark Entity right down the middle*

*is split right down the middle* My... perfect... *collapses* form...

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(Front Mission - The Evils of War)