Chrissy... the... Laconian... Sword... now's your chance!

*holds the blade firmly in her hands as she looks at it* Don't fail me now.

*looks over at Chrissy* What?

*lets out a loud yell, slashing the Dark Entity with the Laconian Sword.* This is for the destruction you've caused!!!

Ow! Laconia!

*slashes again* This is for the lives that you destroyed!!!

No!!! Stop!!!

*slashes again and again* For the pain that you've caused me!!!


*slashes three more times* This is for Orakia, Rulakia, Rulakir!!!


*slashes twice more* For the rest of the world!!! For Orakio!!!


*holds the sword back* And this one's for me. *slashes with a great force*

Orakian... dragon... *burns up due to the many slashes and dies*

*knees to the ground, dropping the sword and breathing heavily* There... you fiend... suffer the pain you caused these people. *collapses*

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(Seiken Densetsu III - The Sacrifice Part 3)