*back at the Air Castle, 1 week later*

It's hard to believe it's been a week now.

Yeah... I know.

Yeah... how has the world adjusted to the peace?

The world is getting adjusted pretty well. But Orakio, that purple hair has GOT to go.

Well, I can't help it. As long as they are fused with me, I will always have this color hair.

Well, maybe we could get some hair dye.

Maybe. But we've done enough shopping. Just look at these new clothes.

I know... I'm glad I picked them out. ^_^

The clothes are good, I'll tell you that.

Of course.

By the way... what was the total price that was paid by the Dark Entity being around?

Well... because of him, we lost our building... twice. We lost Orakia, Rulakia, and Rulakir... and Rune and Starbird. And don't forget the loss of Chickens.

Hmmmm.... And the rest of the world?

A very high death total. The villages he crushed, the people he killed. We can never restore that.

No... but within time, the people will rebuild and start over. I guess you could call this their reset button. Hahahaha.

*enters* Hey, I'm the only one who does jokes around here!

Raja! How are the patients doing?

Running thin, with smart alecks like Orakio running around.

I said patients, not patience.

Oooooh... well, Crys and Crystal suffered a concussion, but are doing just fine. Zak suffered a blow to the spine, but he'll just be sore, and Sparkster... well, his spine is pretty much shattered. I doubt he'll ever be able to walk again.

Hmmm... add Sparkster to the list of casualties.

Man... what are we gonna do about engineers for the Air Castle?

Well, Raja suggested that Wren takes and operates this thing. He should be arriving within the week. Until then... we've got...

*from a distance* Alright!!! Orakio! Get the Zeeky Bomb ready... I'm about to fly over my house!

Yeah... him... so expect frequent turbulance.

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(Phantasy Star IV - The Promising Future)