*at the Throneroom of the Air Castle*

How the hell do you always manage to throw a big party like this, Al?

That's my little secret Timmy boy.

*dips a cup into a bowl* I can't get enough of this though. What is it?

Yeah, I'd like to know the same thing.

Yeah. This is awful good.

It's my special brand of egg-nog. I've added a special ingrediant to it. I call it, "Shoe-nog".

Shoe-nog? What's the ingrediant?

I soaked the egg-nog with my old gym socks.

*spits out the shoe-nog* Eeeeeeeeeew!

*looks at his cup and shrugs* Hmm. *drinks it down*

Crystal... where are you? I think I've gone blind.

Me too Crys!

Oh you two shut up. My shoe-nog is not bad.

He's right you know. I can hardly taste the... *spits out the shoe-nog* Eeeeeeww... aftertaste!

Bah. You just don't know how to live.

Evidently we know how to die. Man. Somebody get me some listerine... like a whole case of it.

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(Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree)