*enters* So this is where you guys are hiding the party.

Quick! It's Orakio! Hide the Shoe-nog!


Well duuuuuuuuuuuuuh. This is where the party is. What other room would be big enough?

Good point.

I hear Orakio's voice, but I can't see him.

Orakio? Wherever you are, don't try the Shoe-nog.

Knock it off you two.

Shoe-nog? You've got bad taste Chief.

Bah, shaddup.

*enters* So this is a Christmas party? *looks at the shoe-nog* What's this? *goes over to it*

No Chrissy! Don't drink that.

Why not?

Because... well... It's Al's latest potion that causes temporary blindness.

Oh... so it's a type of poison?

*nods head* Well, yeah I guess it is.

You two. Honest to pete. I should do something about you two.

You could tie them in a sack and throw them off the Air Castle.


Yeah. How am I gonna get a sack?

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