Now, how come our guests haven't arrived yet?


Yeah. I invited a few people from RPGC to be with us.

... but why?

Who did you invite?

I'm not saying... because I don't know. Tim did the inviting.

But I don't know who's coming.

Hmmm... well, someone could always fly over there and get them.

I'll do it. I know where it is.

Hmmmm... it gives me time to get my surprise for you, Chrissy.

Surprise? *jumps with excitement* What surprise?

Now if I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise now, would it?

You do have a point.

Well, why don't you go and get the guests?

Alright. *leaves*

What kind of surprise do you have for her?

Well... Raja told me about something called defusion. Since nobody likes my purple hair, I figured I could defuse to bring the other Orakians back... as well as my natural color.

Isn't that risky?


Then let's do it.

Well, we need Raja though. Where is he?


This egg-nog is delicious. Who made it?

I think it was Chef Al.

Oh man. You're actually liking his Shoe-nog?

Damn yes I am.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Hahahaha. You Palmanians don't know what tastes good.

Excuse me, but we're human.

Yeah? What do you think Palmanians are?

Watch it old man.

I'm only 89. I'm not old.

Grrrr... if we didn't need you I would have killed you a long time ago.

Not anymore you can't. This Shoe-nog has restored my once lost eyesight. Hahahaha.

*runs to the bathroom, covering her mouth*

What's wrong with her?

Must be the shoe-nog.

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(Knuckles Khaotix - Evening)