Yeah? What do you want Orakian?

I'm ready to try the defusion process.

You are, eh? What made you change your mind.


Oh. Well then, head to the sanctuary. I'll be there in a bit.

We have a sanctuary?

It's in the basement. Somewhere near the laboratory.

Oh. Ok. *leaves*


*grabs the bowl of Shoe-nog* Yeah. The other Orakians are gonna live again.

Then why are you taking the Shoe-nog?

Well... because the procedure requires holy water, and this is as close as I can get to it. *leaves*

We definately need a new run-on joke today... I wonder how Jessica is doing.

*exits the bathroom*

You ok there?

Yeah. I'm fine. Just... feel sick. I'm gonna lay down for a bit.

And miss "Pin the tail on the chief"?

Sorry. Can you video tape it for me? *goes to her room*

Sure thing.

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(Knuckles Khaotix - Marina Madness)