*at RPGClassics*

Well, I can see why Orakio doesn't come here anymore.

How can you see that?

Val. You were invited?

Invited to what. I just saw a big line and stood at the front of it.

Why not the back of it?

Hey. This is me we're talking about. I take charge.

... right. Who else is with you?


Don't forget me!

And me!

Me too!

GG Crono, Daemoness, Sephiroth Hayes... and Stary? What are you doing here Stary?

Well, Orakio invited me himself. He told me to wait here.

So is that the surprise he had for me? *smiles* That devil. I'll have to thank him.

Devil? Orakio? *laughs* Yeah right.

You don't know him like I do.


Explain to me though, how are we getting to the Air Castle?

You have wings, go fly!

Ok... *thinks* Hey!!!


What about us who are aerodynamically challenged?

I have to give HQ the coordience of where I am using my GPS. Then Zak should be able to teleport you all here.

Teleport? Is that safe?

How would I know? I fly.

So we should wait around some more?

Yeah. You four wait up. Stary and I have some catching up to do.

Right. *starts to fly off*

*flies off with Stary* Catcha at the party everyone!

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(Breath of Fire 2 - We Are Rangers!)