*back in Raja's Sanctuary*

Just lay down on this table and we shall begin.

What table?

I mean the alter.

What alter?

Ok! Lay down on the floor!

*lays down on the floor* Ok... now what?

*sprinkles some of the Shoe-nog on Orakio*

Hey! I want to defuse, not die!

Sorry. We need holy water and this is as close as I can get. *sprinkles some more*

Grrrr... alright then.

Now then. Let's get this started.

Ok. Now what?

*touches Orakio's forehead* Won Naikaro siht esufed!

... It isn't working Raja.

*continues touching Orakio's head* Oikaro, Aikaro, Rikalur, Aikalur! Ekaw won!

*closes his eyes* What's going on?

Give it time Orakio. The defusion is working.

It is?

*steps out from inside Orakio* I'm alive again?

*opens an eye* Rulakia?

CLOSE THAT EYE! You must focus!

*closes eye* Sorry.

*steps out from inside Orakio* Where am I?

*steps out from inside Orakio* I'm alive again? Yes!

*opens eyes* Is it safe now?

There we go. Everyone is back to normal... whatever that may be for Orakians.

Ah brother. I see your hair is back to brown.

It is? Nice. Chrissy will be happy.

When is it?

Christmas time. I have a surprise for Chrissy besides this. I'm off to get it. *leaves*

We've been fused that long?

Evidently so.

Man. Been too long.

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(Arcana - Forest of Doubt)