*back at the party*

So where is this Zak that beamed us here?

Yeah? I owe the guy for nearly giving me a heart attack.

Speaking of which though, where are Chrissy and Stary?

I do hope they're ok.

*enters* Zak didn't bring you here, I did.

Who are you?

I am Captain Wren of the Control Air Castle. I pilot this place.

Then where is Zak?

He's off attending to things. Make yourselves at home.

Yeah. You guys do that. As soon as everyone gets here, we're heading to the Auditorium (wherever that is). I have an announcement to make.

What is it with you guys and announcements?

Just you nevermind there kiddo.


*arrives walking in the door* So then I said to him "Let that S-car go!"

*arrives beside of her* Lol... I don't get it.

About time you arrive. Everyone, to the auditorium right now!

*enters* Even me?

Yes, you too Rula... RULAKIR???

Rulakir? How are you living?

Defusion. The girls are on their way, and Orakio said he had to do something.

Does he have his brown hair back?


Yay! Where is he?

Wish I knew.

Uh. Yeah. Auditorium, now!

Alright already. Geez.

Think he'd be more patient. You'd think he was retiring or something.


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(Arcana - Draven Pass)