*in the Auditorium*

*sits down in a seat* Where is Orakio? Shouldn't he be here?

*sits down a space from Chrissy* Should be, but isn't.

*sits down* He will be.

*sits down* Just trust him.

Yeah. *sits down beside Chrissy on one side* Cheer up. He'll be here.

*sits down* Of course he will.

*sits down*

*arrives pushing a wheel chair* There you go Sparky.

*sitting in the chair* Thank you.


*arrives as well*

What is Selan doing back here?

*arrives* Ho ho ho everybody! *sits down on the other side of Chrissy*

Orakio! *hugs Orakio*

Damn Zelda. Put too much starch in my hat.

Shhhh... the Chief's about to speak.

*arrives* Ladies and gentlemen... and Orakio. I have an announcement to make.

What is it?

Well... after thinking long and hard about this... I've had to reach a very difficult decision. Over the course of the last year, I've realized that I do not have the leadership ability to continue carrying on as your Chief. So, I've decided to step down and leave Control for good.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Dammit, I've lost my job!

But why, Tim?

Well... I just can't do it. And after tasting some Shoe-nog, I've decided that Al is much more suited for this job. So, please welcome back as your new chief of control, Chief Al!

*enters* I reluctantly accept the offer... ah, who am I kidding. It's great to be back here!

Yay!! I have a job again!

Everyone. Good luck again. If something should happen that's destroying the world... well, chances are, I'm causing it. Hahahaha! *leaves*

Great to have you back, Chief Al.

Great to be back, Orakio.

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(Chrono Trigger - At the Bottom of the Night)