*later at the Christmas ball*

You honestly don't expect me to dance, do you?

Why would I expect anything out of you?

... Hey!!!

Oh come now... it will be fun.

Whoa! Orakia... lookin hooooooooooooooot!!!

Quiet now chief.

*in a Marilyn Monroe voice* What about me, Chief?

*wolf calls* Hubba hubba!

I have to agree with you there Chief. *wolf calls*

Who wants to be my dance partner?

More importantly, who wants to be mine?

Where is Rulakir?

He hates dancing.


I'm not wearing a dress!

Oh c'mon Chrissy. You'd look cute in it.

Cute? Grrrr...

Well... you wanted to learn how to dance, right?

Yeah, but not this way.

Well, what better time for me to teach you. Look, I've dressed up for the ball. I'd really love it if you'd do the same thing.


I see. *turns around* Well... have fun alone tonight then. I'm going to the ball. *leaves*

... *under breath* Orakio...

*back at the ball*

You hate dances too?


Ditto. But, I wouldn't mind being with Rulakia if you know what I mean.

Neither would I. *wolf calls*

*slaps GG Crono and Sephiroth Hayes* Shut up you two.

Well, I'm not dancing without my Jessica. Too many memories. I hope she is alright.

Awwww... cheer up man.

... sure.

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Waltz for the Moon)