*enters* Why is no one dancing?

Nobody to dance with. Where is Chrissy?

She didn't want to dance.

That's a shame. You can dance with me if you want.

Or me.

Or both of us.

That's quite alright sisters. I know you both mean well though.

*enters* Zak?


Oh Zak! *runs to him*

*hugs her* How are you doing Jess?

I'm doing better.

I'm glad my dear.

Shall we dance, Zakky Poo?

*smiles* Sure thing dear. *goes off with Jessica to dance*

Man... this is getting boring. *goes over to GG Crono* Let's dance!

Ok! *gets up with Rulakia and goes off to dance with her*

What about you, big guy?

Sure... I guess. *goes off to dance with Orakia*

Well, that just leaves me.

*enters* Not anymore it doesn't.


*walks towards Orakio* Now... we have a deal.

Sure we do.

Well, where do we begin?

Well, you place your left hand on my shoulder and your right hand in my left hand.

*smiles, places her hand on Orak's shoulder, and her other hand in his hand* Like so?

*places his right hand on her hip* Yeah. Like so. Then, from what I have learned, you just step, making small circles. *steps, dancing with Chrissy*

*dances with Orakio* That's it?

*dances* Yeah... that's it.

*continues dancing* Seems so easy.

*dancing* It is.

*places her head on Orakio's shoulder* Thank you.

*smiles, continues dancing* You're welcome.

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes on Me)