*late that night in Chrissy's room*

*at her desk, writing in her diary* Today was certainly an interesting day as far as things go. Orakio finally held up his promise and taught me how to dance. I never realized it would ever be so easy... or so fun. Orakio has always been real sweet to me. It's no wonder I love the guy so much.

*a knock on the door*

Why is it every time I want to write in my diary, somebody is always at the door? *pauses* Who is it?

*opens the door* It's just me Chrissy.

*shuts her diary* C'mon in Orakio.

*enters* How are you Chrissy?

I'm doing well now. How about you?

I'm good. Glad to be back to normal, that's for sure.

*smiles* Thank you.

For what?

For teaching me how to dance... and for being so kind to me.

You saved my rear end many times during this last war. I owe you big.

... thank you.

I have something for you, Chrissy.

You do? What is it?

*smiles and takes out a pretty blue ring* Though we won't need this anymore, this is a Ring of Protection. Though it offers protective powers *takes Chrissy's hand and slips it on her finger*, it shines beauiful... almost like...

*looks at the ring* A diamond...

Yeah. A diamond.

*smiles, almost crying* Orakio... thank you.

Are those tears? *smiles* I've never seen the Chris-chris cry before.

*smiles* Happiness Orak. Never been so happy in all my life.

*smiles, hugging Chrissy* ... me neither. Me neither.

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Balamb Garden)