*just then, an explosion is hear within the Air Castle*

What was that?

I don't know...

*sirens wail thoughout the Air Castle*

An intruder?

We should go check.

Yeah... we should.

*in the Throne Room of the Air Castle*

Ok... what happened in here?

An explosion. But no one is even around.

What is going on?

I wish I knew. I thought we had defeated the evil.

Same here... but why are we being attacked again?

Attacked? What?

Man. Why do we always appear at the wrong time?

*arrives* What is going on here?

*arrives* We heard the explosion.

*gets out her spear* Where is it?

*gets out the Gungnir* Exactly. I'll destroy that thing within minutes.

Pipe down. First we have to find it.


Everybody, split up and search the Air Castle. Chrissy, Chief Al, and I, search this room.

Right. *leaves*


I have a feeling this thing is not evil... whatever it is. Just be on your guard anyways.

Orak... what's that? *points behind the throne*

*peaks out from behind the throne* Is it ok to come out?

Who are you?

I accidently set off an explosion. All I was trying to do was warm up the egg-nog.


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(Arcana - Boss)