There is nothing I hate more than cold egg-nog.

You blew up my SHOE-NOG?!?!?!


That stuff is highly flamable!

Sorry about that chief.

*laughs* Hey Chrissy... this person knows my line. *laughs*

Yeah, but who is this person?

Oh. I'm sorry. My name is Lila. I've been looking for my brother for a long time now. Have any of you see him?

Well, the last time someone came looking for her brother, Crystal joined.

What does he look like?

Well... uh.... he's small... like a kid.

Yeah... anything else?

Yeah... he looks like a boy.

Hmmmm... that narrows it down, wouldn't you say Chrissy?

... Forgive Orakio, he's not usually this sarcastic.

So you haven't seen him?

Sorry, we haven't seen any little boy running around. Try looking over at Michael Jackson's house.

Where is that?

Oh, it's somewhere in the Fantasy World.

Oh... well, thank you very much Orakio. And you too, Chrissy. *within an instant, disappears*

For some reason, she seems familiar.

Can't say I've seen her before. Oh well.

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(Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Dragon Roost Island)