*Chief Al, Crys, and Crystal step forth on the lanes*

Now keep in mind that these lanes are still in the experimental stage.

Those are just the words I wanted to hear.

*enters the names on the computer* By the way... what is your last name Crys?

... you know, I don't know.

*shrugs* Oh well. *enters on the computer* There. Check the screen.

*reads* MAN, BOY, BAB? What the hell Chief?

Well, it only uses initials. Of course, I'm the Man, Crys... as always you're the boy.

So I'm Bab?

I wanted to put Babe, but it only takes 3 letters.

... Right.

Well, if you're the Man, then why aren't you up?

Hey, perfect bowling takes time. *steps up to the lane* Now, remember the first one thing you do with you bowl.

Watch your footing?

What? No. The first thing you do is grab your balls. *grabs his bowling ball from the rack*

That did NOT sound right.

You're telling me.

Now, watch a pro in action. *approaches the lane and releases the ball* STE-RIKE!!!

*the ball hooks left, knocking down all 10 pins*

Good shot Chief.

Shouldn't the ball be returning though?

Yeah, it should. ZAK!!!

*over the computer intercom* Yeah?

Where is my ball?

Oh, we haven't installed the ball return yet, so I imagine it went off the edge of the roof.

Oh. Well, no biggie. Crys, get back to work!


Nevermind arguing Crys.

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(Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Dancing Dragon's Dungeon)